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Fitness Tech in 2017

If we were to compare what fitness tech looked like in 2010 and in 2015, we would see that the amount of progress we have made in 5 years is truly astounding. Not only are the devices much better, they are really able to help out those who like to exercise or play sports on a regular basis. Some of the devices and fitness items are better for the professionals, but there are also those devices that are affordable and really useful for enthusiasts and causal athletes who really enjoy being outdoors and exercising. And these devices will only get better.

When you check out, you can get a very clear idea about the direction that we are heading in where fitness tech is concerned. There are so many major companies that working on these products, and they all want to get a leg up on each other. So while everyone is focused on the next VR system or the next smartphone, we have to pay a little more attention to fitness tech to see the great things that are coming our way. Not only are these items going to help out so many teams and pro athletes, but they will help the general population too.

Say you were in your later years but you still liked to go out for walks and jogs. If you were ever worried about your health, you would have fitness wearables that would allow you to constantly monitor your heart rate and muscle strain, along with other variables. There are even devices being created that would give you a quick and easy way to call an ambulance if you were sick, or a loved one to come pick you up. Some devices even have automatic heart rate threshold triggers that would automatically generate a call to the ambulance services.